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Kayaking, Whitewater Rafting & Boating in Sierra County

Sierra County is water central! During the spring snow melt, the river provides great Class 4 and 5 whitewater rafting. Kayaking can be done all summer long depending on the level of the rivers. There are several outfitters that provide guided rafting, including Tributary Whitewater Tours.

The unspoiled lakes in the Lakes Basin region are highly prized by fly fishermen and those who prefer to fish from the shore or small boats. Dozens of lakes provide ample space for recreationists to enjoy solitude and comfort. Boating is restricted to small boats with small or no motors. Also, kayaking at the many lakes has become a great outdoor sport. You can paddle and work on your techniques for the river, or paddle just for exercise!

Gold Lake is excellent for sailing-- yes-- sailing! Whether it's a 17-20 footer with a jib and main sail, or a sunfish-- you're bound to have a ton of fun. The winds can at time get quite ferocious, in a good way. Just watch for the rocks under water near the many mini-peninsulas. There is a boat ramp just off Gold Lake Road, easy in and out, with a large parking lot for trailers.

Jackson Meadows Reservoir is very popular and highly prized for fishing, swimming, camping, wildlife viewing, water skiing, jet skiing, and sailing. There are over 130 campsites, 5 group campsites, and a disposal station available here.


because memories aren't made playing video games


at the Sierra Hot Springs, located in Sierraville, is a non-profit retreat and workshop center located at the cusp of an enchanted forest and beautiful alpine valley.  Here it is impossible to resist the sense of tranquility.  The natural spring water is smooth as silk and the pools are a true experience.  For centuries, Native Americans have regarded this land as a sacred healing place.  Now we invite you to discover its incredible powers for yourself.

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