Sierra City

Sierra City was established as a mining town in 1850. By 1852, miners were retrieving gold from several tunnels in the nearby Sierra Buttes. At this time, Sierra City had two large buildings, a bakery shop, and several gambling houses and saloons. The buildings were crushed under an avalanche of snow in the winter of 1853, forcing the inhabitants to rebuild at the present lower elevation. The Sierra Buttes Mine was active for 80 years and was the second largest gold producer in Sierra County. A continuous body of medium grade ore was processed efficiently, assuring steady employment. As many as 290 men worked at this mine in 1873.

Hikers, cyclists, anglers and boaters, here is a world of choices for adventure and challenge. Lodging and dining are sumptuous in the pine air, making food taste better and sound sleep natural. Your soul is restored.

Minutes away from the Sierra Buttes and the Lakes Basin. Sierra City is a wonderful, year-around recreation, fishing, hiking, boating, rafting, mountain biking, skiing, kayaking, snowmobiling, bird watching and lots of wildlife!

More than 45 picturesque dot the entire Lakes Basin. It is a half-hour drive from Sierra City. The magnificent Pacific Crest Trail and many other challenging paths and climbs are all well-marked and maintained. Friendly, local businesses provide maps and supplies.

Nearby: Loganville

Loganville campground is situated east of the former town of Loganville. In 1889, Luigi Lagomarsino put in an orchard, a clover field and a garden. This is an example of a typical homestead of that time. Many of the original miners in the Loganville & Sierra City area were immigrants from Italy, France and the British Isles.

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