Lakes Basin Recreation Area

The Lakes Basin Recreation Area is to the north of the Sierra Buttes, along Gold Lake Road. Bassetts is considered the gateway into this outdoors wonderland. Numerous glacially formed lakes add to the unique beauty of the landscape and offer recreation in its most pristine form. Upper and Lower Sardine Lakes, Packer Lake and Gold Lake are just a few of the biggest. Yuba Pass, while not in the Lakes Basin proper, also has camping and recreational trails off Highway 49 on the way into the Sierra Valley.

The craggy peaks of the Sierra Buttes are a spectacular site, especially in the winter and spring when adorned with a tapestry of snow. There are several excellent views of the Sierra Buttes from Gold Lake Road and along Highway 49. During the winter, cross-country skiers and snowmobilers have a unique opportunity to explore a winter wonderland made more beautiful by the rugged mountainous backdrop.

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