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Sierra County is located in the heart of the northern section of the Sierra Nevada. It remains today much as it was over 100 years ago when the gold-seeking argonauts worked the rivers and mountains in search of their fortune in gold. The rivers run free and the forests and meadows wrap their beauty around mountains that defy contemporary development. Bassetts, Forest and Alleghany, Downieville, Goodyears Bar, Sierra City, Loyalton, Sattley, Calpine and Sierraville are beautiful in all seasons.

Sierra County has year-round recreation for every visitor, and scenery that sparkles with each new season. Shopping and dining can be enjoyed in historic settings. Amenities range from primitive campgrounds to lodging in comfortable historic buildings with modern conveniences, all surrounded by the rugged beauty of mountain forests, lakes, and rivers.

For all its wilderness and pristine beauty, Sierra County is easily accessible year round. All major highways into the county are regularly maintained and plowed during periods of snowfall. These beautiful mountain highways wander through some of the finest winter recreation sites in California.

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Keep an eye on us through a webcam any day, any time: check out the one at Bassetts Station or the one at Sierra Country Store (Sierra City)

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